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A commercial roof can easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Semi-annual inspections and maintenance will prolong the life of your roof investment. Proper maintenance also helps you avoid costly leaks and the internal damage water can cause to the infrastructure, electrical equipment, furniture, and flooring – not to mention liability claims if a customer or occupant slips and falls.

Regular roof maintenance gives you a documented record of your roof’s condition. Should there be a storm you can provide to insurance companies evidence to the condition of your roof before the storm.

Roof maintenance inspections are required twice a year in order to maintain a roof warranty, along with a detailed record of these inspections.

An inspection and maintenance visit includes: assessment of the flashing details condition (damaged, cracks, loose or open laps) evaluating the entire surface of the roof for deterioration, blisters or exposed asphalt. Also included is an inspection of the drainage systems to make sure they are running free and removing any unwanted vegetation, materials and debris.
A blistering roof should be checked immediately. Blisters are usually caused by trapped moisture or a material defect in the membrane and need to be repaired to help avoid current of future leaks and expensive repairs.
Most leaks occur at areas of penetration and or faulty Flashing Detail: chimneys, vents, flashing, air conditioning units, etc. Usually this is due to the age of the materials, age of the roof, manufacturing defects, material degradation or errors in installation. A large percentage of the installation time of your roof should be spent making sure all areas of penetration are installed and water-proofed correctly.
This depends on the roofing system, the quality of roofing materials, and the quality of installation including whether the required installation methods were followed accurately. This can be as little as a few years or a very long time.

How much of an increase in life expectancy can we expect after starting a roof maintenance program?

The NRCA (National Roofing and Contractors Association) reports that a properly maintained roof system with a bi-annual maintenance program should expect to see up to an additional 70% increase in the life of the roof.

It is important to understand that roof warranties are not maintenance contracts. Most manufactures clearly state in the warranties that it is the Owners responsibility to initiate a proper preventative maintenance program with inspections.
Base cost is determined by the sq ft of your building.
Anywhere from 1-3 yrs. Multi-year contracts may receive progressive discounts per year.
A Manufacturer’s Warranty is a joint agreement between the contractor and the manufacturer for the first two years of your roof’s life. The contractor is responsible for any repairs during the first two years. After two years, the manufacturer is responsible for all costs of repairs.
Lack of proper attic venting, unauthorized penetration work (anything that penetrates the roof without the knowledge and assistance of the original roofing contractor; added vents, air conditioning units, etc.), any materials stored on the roof, and neglect or lack of proper maintenance. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning your warranty.
Campany Roof Maintenance LLC is Florida State License Number is CCC057621 and we’re fully insured.