Due to our weather conditions in Florida, we advise clients to have the roof inspected at a minimum of twice a year – before and after hurricane season.

Condition & Age

If the roof is older or in bad shape, a bi-annual roof inspection program is recommended to prevent major damage.

Sensitivity of Inside

Depending on what is housed within the building, more frequent inspections may be necessary.


What are all of the
benefits to taking advantage of
the Gold Umbrella Roof Maintenance Program?

  • Routine roof maintenance is required to comply with most manufacturers’ warranties.
  • Insurance companies are now requiring detailed roof maintenance records in order to process future storm claims and policy renewal.
  • Enrollment in our Gold Umbrella Program includes an initial roof inspection and preventative maintenance specific to your roof system.
  • Enrollment entitles you to our “Preferred Customer” classification with first-priority status as a partner in the event of a future storm.
  • “Preferred Customer” status entitles you to reduced labor rates.
  • Quick-Response Storm Inspections to evaluate storm damage are completed FREE of charge once you become a “Preferred Customer.”

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