Part of caring for your roof involves having regular inspections done by professionals. During these inspections, our experts at Campany Roof Maintenance will be able to spot any issues with your roof early. This minimizes the damage caused by those problems as well as the time and money needed to fix them.

The roof inspection involves checking both the interior and exterior. Inside, we enter the attic to check for ventilation, mold or moisture, and proper insulation. The exterior inspection includes searching for potential problems such as:

  • Chimney issues
  • Improper flashing
  • Poor condition of shingles, tiles, metal, or slate
  • Leaks

We will closely examine every component of your roof inside and out, including:

  • Shingles or tiles, if applicable
  • Roof membrane
  • Roof dividers
  • Decks and walls
  • Metal flashings
  • Areas around skylights, chimneys, and vents

Following the roof inspection, Campany Roof Maintenance always provides you with a detailed report of what we found. This report lets you know what repairs are necessary and if there are any issues that don’t need attention yet but may in the future.

Keep your inspection report in a safe place as you will likely need it to have any future repairs covered by your roof’s warranty. Most warranties require regular inspections and maintenance to remain valid.

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