To help prevent leaks and structural damage, Campany Roof Maintenance offers waterproofing in addition to our other roof services. Over the past twenty years, we have used a range of waterproofing membrane systems in the quest to find the best one. As such, you can count on the products we use to be of the highest quality and excellent at doing their job.

For sixteen years, we exclusively used Kemper America’s BRM membrane that is applied as a liquid over living spaces and continue to do so. Despite testing other products, we find this to be the best for occupied areas thanks to its fleece membrane encapsulated in polyester and attached to the roof’s substrate deck using an epoxy primer.

In our vast experience, Kemper waterproofing systems greatly outperform the other choices available. We love this system’s longevity and durability and rarely need to replace it. In fact, we tell our customers that the waterproofing we use should last for a lifetime.

With our chosen waterproofing membrane system, Campany Roof Maintenance can apply waterproofing to any type of roof, even if you want to cover it with natural or cast stone, epoxy coating systems, ceramic tiles, or nothing at all.

In the case of waterproofing membranes that won’t be going over living spaces, we offer other options as well, such as American Weather Star, Tremco, Sika, and Gaco.

Regardless of the roof type you need to be waterproofed, Campany Roof Maintenance will use the top products so you don’t have to worry about anything.